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We know you are a true dog lover, but let's be honest, there's one breed you really, really, reaaaaally love. Good news is, this dog lover store has something for everyone!

I love this! But, who is Molly?

The Scottish Terrier behind all.

She’s a rescued Scottish Terrier and one of the bravest dogs – some people even know her as Molly The Greatest.

Also we are Alex & Pao, a young couple who love dogs, that while doing a “dog-sitting” job got inspired to create a place where people could find the best dog lover gifts and connect with dog lovers from around the world, all in one place.

Molly, The Scottish Terrier behind The Doggy Molly Mall

The Doggy Molly Digest

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Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers 2018

It started to be cold outside and that means “winter is coming”, but great new is that with the cold weather comes the holiday season too, the reunions with friends and family, the food we only have this time of the year, and the little gifts that remind our beloved ones that we thought of […]

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Why is life better with a dog?

Becoming a dog parent makes you a better person because right away you worry about someone else than yourself. It is a significant commitment, but we are sure about one thing: “Life is better with a dog.”

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