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We know is hard to resist their big sweet eyes, but when you are choosing a dog is essential to keep in mind that they will grow, and some of them will grow a lot.

So it’s important to do some research to get to know the dog you are interested in because you want to choose a dog that is right for you, your family and lifestyle.

Should I get a puppy or an adult dog?

This might be the most important question, lots of people don’t realize that puppies need almost constant attention and time to be properly trained.

Raising a puppy through all the canine growth stages requires commitment, effort, and knowledge too. You must be wealing to learn.

If you accept the challenge, the great thing with a puppy is you’ll watch him grow.

The other option is adopting an adult dog that will probably have some training. Also, adults tend to learn faster than puppies do.

Their appearance is quite settled, so you don’t have to predict what he will look like or how big he will be.

The thing with adult dogs is you can’t know what experiences they had in their life, but you can always show them different. And choosing one of these dogs gives you the added bonus of knowing that you saved a life.

Each breed has a unique personality.

Never choose a dog based on how popular or cute he is and keep in mind that just like us, dogs come in different sizes and personalities. This is mostly determined by their breed, so get to know more about the ones you like.

Think about how big and active he’ll be when he grows up. In this point, you’ll have to consider if you live in an apartment or have a big backyard.

Find out if they will like to play with children or if they are ok around cats. Consider the members of your family because there are breeds great with kids, but others like Chihuahuas, that won’t be so happy around them. The same with cats, some dogs won’t mind sharing the house, and other breeds have a hunting tendency.

If you are out of the house for extended periods, the time they will be spending by themselves might also be useful to consider. Some dogs do better living in a pack, and others won’t care that much about being alone.

Each breed has unique needs.

A veterinarian can be an excellent source of information to help you choose the best dog.

Some breeds like Jack Russells require more work because they have a lot of energy, they are great if you like running every day, but if you barely walk you may want to consider getting something like a pug.

Figure out how much grooming time he’ll need. Every breed has different grooming needs, some breeds shed more than others, and the ones with long hair will require constant brushing.

There are also diseases that are determined by the breed, and you can learn about them before picking a puppy. The most important thing is always to get your pet spayed or neutered, dogs who get this procedure live healthier and longer lives.

So if you feel that you are ready for a lifetime commitment to a dog, do your homework and ask lots of questions. Choosing the perfect dog will take some research time, but it will be worth it.