➤ The Story of the dog behind The Doggy Molly Mall – The Doggy Molly Mall

She was abandoned in a backyard when the people that were supposed to be her family moved out of the house and left her there.

Time passed, and Molly lived in that place for eight months, until a rescue group took her out climbing through a neighbor’s fence.

She survived only because that neighbor threw her food now and then, but mostly because she was brave and stubborn enough to wait until someone came to help.

I was a volunteer at the rescue center when she came, and offered to give this skinny dog a temporary house until someone could adopt her.

That, someone, was Alex that fell in love with her the day he met her and the rest of that story is that five years later she still melts our hearts every day.

We adopted her a few months before our wedding, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made because Molly made our little family complete.

In fact, her name used to be Dolly. We know it because she had a tag tangled in her dirty hair, but she was way cooler than a Dolly, so Molly suited her better.

And this is the story of how a little Scottish Terrier came into our life to make it better.