➤ Why is life better with a dog? – The Doggy Molly Mall

It is a significant commitment, but we are sure about one thing: “Life is better with a dog.”

With a dog there’s no more alone time

From now on you’ll have this furry shadow following wherever you go, sometimes even if you just go from the couch to the bathroom.

But the great thing about this is now you have the most loyal companion.

A dog can be your personal shrink

Dogs will listen without judging. They will always be there to make you laugh or to cuddle if you’re not feeling great. Once they are in your life, they are for better or for worse.

With a dog you’ll be more active

It doesn’t matter if you have a yard at home, they will need to walk.

Dogs that walk at least once a day are more likely to behave well at home. This benefit goes both ways, you’ll be healthier, and your dog will behave better.

A dog will be a friend magnet

Is not a secret that when you have a dog, you’ll make new friends.

At the park (and you will remember dog’s names faster than the person’s), at your local pet shop and even in social media and forums when you start asking: Are dogs allergic to nuts? After he ate the whole package.

And as simple as this, when you have company, when you take walks every day, make new friends and take care of someone that needs you, life becomes better.