The Doggy Molly Mall Story | What's all this about and why it was created.

Hello, there! and thanks for passing by!

We are super happy you are here. And if you landed in this About Us page, we’re sure you are curious about what’s all this about and why we created it.

First of all, let us introduce ourselves:

We are Alex and Pao, the couple who adopted Molly after being rescued. (BTW, have you read Molly’s Story?)

We are Alex, Pao & Molly, creators of the Doggy Molly Mall.

What is it?

This is the place to find the best dog lover gifts – manually curated and selected from Amazon. And also, a place to connect with dog lovers from around the world. We dream of creating a worldwide community of inspiring dog lovers.

Why we created this?

Inspired by Molly’s story, we started this project because we know there are other dog lovers that love their dogs as much as we love Molly, and that will be proud to show their love for their furry ones.

And is also very important for us that this web helps to raise awareness about shelter dogs and that everyone gets to know how wonderful is to adopt a dog and change their life.